Fortaco Group grabs new opportunities with digital matchmaking - EEN Jönköping Fortaco Group grabs new opportunities with digital matchmaking - EEN Jönköping

Fortaco Group grabs new opportunities with digital matchmaking

Subcontractor Connect has provided the Finnish company Fortaco Group with contacts on the Scandinavian, Baltic and CEE market for many years. This autumn, they are looking for new suppliers in everything from steel processing to finished components.

Fortaco Groups customers are found within heavy vehicles, the energy sector and shipping, from nine different locations in Europe. Their suppliers therefore need to be able to deliver to all sites with high quality.

”Quality is our highest priority when choosing a supplier. And since we work with everything from steel structures to cabins and assembly, we are looking for collaborations on a broad front”, says Krzysztof Michel, Senior Vice President, Group Sourcing, Fortaco Group.

International contacts

According to Mr Michel, Subcontractor Connects international coverage is a great advantage.

”Even though we have our roots in Finland, we work a lot in Central Europe and have many suppliers there. At Elmia Subcontractor, a new market opens for us, with potential suppliers from both Scandinavia and Asia, as well as new contacts from Central Europe.”

Preparation leads to results

The short meeting time on Subcontractor Connect (25 minutes) requires good preparation, but can also give direct results, he says.

”We must get a picture of the supplier quickly and understand their main competence and core values. Since the time is limited, we appreciate if the suppliers are structured in the meeting. Last year we found several interesting leads who we have developed a relationship with.”

Digital matchmaking

This year the actual physical exhibition is cancelled so all efforts are put into the matchmaking Elmia Subcontractor Connect. It is expected that an even broader base of companies from a wider geographical area will take advantage of the opportunity now when they cannot travel.

”It’s a great opportunity for us to be even more efficient with the time and to meet more potential suppliers without spending time on travel. Our experience is that we can come quite far in the discussions online and that we quickly start talking business. We are excited to meet new potential partners.”

About Elmia Subcontractor Connect 2020

The digital matchmaking takes place 10-13 November. Find more info here: